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Restaurant Sunnezyt, Hopfenstrasse, Zurich

Pulpo Carpaccio

Pulpo Carpaccio

Schweinesteak mit Pommes Frites und Kräuterbutter

Schweinesteak mit Pommes Frites und Kräuterbutter

On Manesseplatz, there’s a restaurant called Sunnezyt. From the outside it looks like a dump, but it is actually a nice restaurant. Again it reminds me of the places you’d see in Columbo and you can smoke in here like it was 1972 all over again. I got a nice table in the back corner and look at the menu, it’s Swiss classic with some seafood additions such as Moules. I had trouble deciding, since quite some of the classics looked good. I ordered a Pulpo Carpaccio to start of. It wasn’t good, rubbery squid, molded together and cut into slices with some onions on top. No idea what I was thinking in ordering this. My main course was a pork steak with french fries. Overall it wasn’t bad, but just too greasy. The amount of herb butter was overwhelming and everything was swimming in it. My cardiologist is happy since he’ll be making more money going forward. I did actually go back to this place on a later day. I had the mussels which were pretty decent. Even though ordering seafood here looks like a strange thing, they were good. Prices:



Posted by therealpickygourmet on 4 January 2009

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