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Abyssinia Restaurant , Austrasse, Zurich

Äthiopisches Buffet

Äthiopisches Buffet

It says on the outside that Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisine was served at the Abyssinia Restaurant, so in my book this calls for a visit. The place is almost three quarters full on a monday night. The owner welcomes us very warmly and tells us about his restaurant. Apparently Ethiopia has a special cusine which differs from the rest of Africa due to its Christian heritage. At least you’ll find out where the pictures here come from. At the buffet you get all kinds of different Wots and then use some of the sour bread to mop it up. Real ethiopian diners do not use utensils. There are vegetables, curries, lamb, beef, chicken, tripe, lentils, cheese and other sauces. The only thing I don’t like unfortunatley is the most important one, the bread. It’s made from Teff and called Injera and is sour as hell and tastes strange. It would have been a great meal with rice, some Naan or some flat bread, but with Injera it just doesn’t taste as good. Prices for the buffet at 27 CHF is good:



Posted by therealpickygourmet on 8 January 2009
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  1. 01/8/2009

    I have been twice at this restaurant and it was always a good experience. I did enjoy my meal very much. I found the different tastes very interesting. Having been in Ethiopia, I can say that the cooking at the Abyssinia is authentic. This is one of the very few good ethiopian restaurant in Switzerland and really worth a detour. The price is fair.

  2. 05/3/2011
    Matthew Moore

    Thanks for writing this article and especially mentioning the “weird” sour bread. I have been looking for an ethiopian restaurant that does proper tef based injera (the sour one), as opposed to the poor wheat based imitations you get in most of Europe, for ages. I admit that real injera is a surprise at first but for those of us that have grown to love proper ethiopian food it is irreplaceable. A great recommendation!

  3. 07/12/2011

    you eat it with rice – then it is not ethiopian cuisine any more. You are then talking about indian cuisine.

    found dis blog while looking for an ethiopian restaurant in Zurich . . .


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