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Leo’s Bistro, Stauffacher, Zurich

Härdöpfelsüppli mit Schniddlauch

Härdöpfelsüppli mit Schnittlauch

Schwartenmagen mit Salat

Schwartenmagen mit Salat

Cote du boeuf überbacken mit Markbein und Risotto

Cote du boeuf überbacken mit Markbein und Risotto

Zwetschgensorbet mit Vieille Prune

Zwetschgensorbet mit Vieille Prune

Leo’s Bistro is located just next to the Stauffacher. It obviously isn’t a chic and sleek restaurant, where highly paid gastronomic consultants worked on a new and exciting concept. We get lucky and get the nice lady as our waiter. Now she’s not nice in terms of your hormones starting to dance around, she radiates a more motherly type of love. I always like when you’re shown the type of food that is going to be prepared for you and we had a good look at the different bits and pieces. The only strange thing was, that the meat was still wrapped in plastic, which doesn’t make a very good impression. The amuse bouche was a potato soup with some chives, nothing to complain there. I decided on the Schwartenmagen with a bit of salad. Again a tasty and crafty dish. It held what it promised and shows great skill of the cook. I do have to mention the dish my colleague had. It was a smoked piece of foie gras. I originally wanted to order that, but settled for a sample from my colleague. My mistake, because that certainly was the best appetizer of the evening. My main was a cote du boeuf with pieces of marrow on top of it and baked over with a bit of cheese. If you’re into meat, this is a killer dish. A nice piece of meat and the salty and moist pieces of marrow made this a lovely combination. I had a side dish of risotto and that was totally horrible. Oversalted and overcooked, just a mushy, disgusting mess. Still this is a restaurant you visit for the meat and the cote du boeuf was excellent. Dessert was a prune sorbet topped with some prune schnaps (vielle prune). Asides from the risotto debacle, this is a great place for men. The three of us had appetizers, main courses and desserts plus quite a lot to drink. Aperitifs, 2 bottles of red wine, water, grappa and espressi came to a whopping 500 CHF. I was kind of surprised at the steep financial hit, since it wasn’t quite adequate, even though the food was good:


Posted by therealpickygourmet on 15 January 2009

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