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La Contrada, Heinrichstrasse, Zurich

Linguine mit Meeresfrüchte

Linguine mit Meeresfrüchte

Hirschentrecote mit Gemüse

Hirschentrecote mit Gemüse

La Contrada is a strange little place near Langstrasse. I went in for a dinnner on Sunday night and It was pretty well packed, so I’m assuming it’s popular with the locals. Seldomly have I had such a difficult time in figuring out what I was going to eat, the menu is a bit of a mess. Italian, spanish, tunesian and swiss cuisine all come together. The inclined reader has come to notice that this is one of my personal warning signs, that it might get a bit dodgy on the plate. Still the wait staff was very friendly and I felt comfortable being there. I decided on some linguine with seafood as an appetizer since it was on the special. I wasn’t too convinced on the fresheness, I’m guessing that the mussels were frozen. Still the dish was okay but it didn’t thrill me either. My main was a venison entrecote with some vegetables, I didn’t like the way the venison was cut and wasn’t thrilled about it as well on a taste level. Summing it up a place which is very normal and not worth a second visit:


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Posted by therealpickygourmet on 26 January 2009

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