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Altersheim Sunnepark, Freiestrasse, Zurich





Fisch mit Safransauce, Romanesco, Salzhärdöpfel

Fisch mit Safransauce, Romanesco, Salzhärdöpfel



Not every culinary adventure leads me to a top notch restaurant, sporting the latest molecular gastronomical invention. Visiting a relative I ended up at the dining room of the Alterszentrum Hottingen, a nursery home. I had a lot of reservations about this and was very interested in what type of food I’d get. Obviously I won’t be able to brag with my shiny iPhone here. People who are still able to walk, can walk up to the salad bar and get a small plate of salad. The other ones which are sitting down, will get a salad from one of the nurses. A prayer kicks off the meal. Religion seems to be all the rage with the old folks, my dining partner (catholic) knowingly looks at a group of three at a different table and whispers to me that the protestants here at this place are really sticking together. I decide to stay out of the local aftermath of the Swiss Reformation. The small selection of salads is nice, there are two sauces available and everybody around you is smiling at you instead of pushing and shoving to get a better spot on the line. A creamy vegetable soup with some fresh chives is served in a large bowl. Nice, creamy and tasty, just the way it should be. Another three serving dishes are put in front of us, for some fish with saffron sauce, broccoli and potatoes. Everything tasted the way it should, the only negative was the texture of the broccoli, it was on the soft side. Dessert is either your choice of fruit or pudding, I opted for the chocolate pudding, a nice finish to the meal. It certainly wasn’t the best meal I ever had, but at 18 CHF it certainly has one of the best price-value rations and in terms of staff friendliness it is one of the best places around.

Posted by therealpickygourmet on 29 January 2009
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  1. 01/29/2009

    You forgot to mention the lovely tablecloth! I’ll definitely go there with my next date.


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