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Silberkugel, Franklinstrasse (Oerlikon), Zurich

Original mit Chäs und Silberbeefy mit Chäs

Original mit Chäs und Silberbeefy mit Chäs

The Silberkugel used to be part of the Mövenpick imperium. Together with Cindy it was the swiss interpretation of fast food. Unfortunately the remaining Silberkugel are no longer part of the Mövenpick and my favorite one at the mainstation in Zurich has been replaced by a typical and very inspiring Candrian venture called Restaurant Hallo… So I travelled to Oerlikon. Do be cautious if someone tells you he’s living in Zurich and then reveals Oerlikon as his place of residence, that’s like someone from Jersey City telling you that he lives in Manhattan. Walking into Silberkugel is like stepping into a different world. You sit at round bars, the menu is written on the wall, you get the choice of Smoking or Non-Smoking. The more interesting characters tend to sit at the Raucherbar so that’s where I grabbed a seat. A friendly waitress takes my order of an Original Beefy with Cheese and a Silberbeefy with Cheese as well. Your order gets noted on a slip of paper which is put into a holder opposite your seat. Five minutes later finally my long sought after plate appears. To my suprise I liked the Silberbeefy better than the Original. The sauce of the Original Beefy, although a tasty sort of tomato relish, had a very high level of acidity and wasn’t as good as I believed to remember. The more creamy sauce of the Silberbeefy together with the sesame bun did the trick. Still it remains a shame that this great place is no longer part of the culinary selection at Zurich main station, I want it back!