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Zum Kropf, Paradeplatz, Zurich

Matjeshering auf Apfel- und anderen Salaten

Matjeshering auf Apfel- und anderen Salaten

Flambierte Nierli mit Röschti

Flambierte Nierli mit Röschti

Near the Paradeplatz Zum Kropf caters to the lover of classic french and swiss food. I like the dining hall in the middle which has a very unique and traditional mural on the ceiling. Kropf is a bit more upscale than the Zeughauskeller and there’s less Japanese tourists scurrying around. The classic menu appeals to my taste and I settle for a Matjes herring on a salad bed to start off my lunch. I liked the saltiness of the herring, which was very nicely counterbalanced by the sweetness and the acidity of the apple slices. Since I like offal meats, I chose flambéed kidneys with roeschti. Now the kidneys were the way they should have tasted and the roeschti was okay at best (A cardinal sin for a classic swiss place). The best component of this dish was actually the sauce. Kropf is an institution, in a prime location, surrounded by offices with high-paying jobs and it’s a popular business lunch spot. This of course all figures into the a bit higher than moderate prices for lunch:



Posted by therealpickygourmet on 11 February 2009
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  1. 02/18/2009
    Kreis Fuenf

    despite the food which has actually a fair quality compared to the price, the service I have experienced twice after and once before the renovation is way beyond limits. the patron snubs both, the staff as well as the guest. that was rather disappointing


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