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Habsburgbar, Landesgrenze, Widnau

Mexikanische Seele

Mexikanische Seele

Widnau – where the hell is Widnau ? The local tourist bureau advertised that inoccent and wild local females would roam the countryside. Naturally, this didn’t interest me one bit, my focus was on the austrian-swiss relations while visiting this place in Switzerland’s Far East. The Habsburg Bar seems to be the place to be in Widnau. We were interested in a quick bite and inspected the bar menu. This is where things got strange. The menu offers a large selection of souls. Wondering what a soul is ? So was I, it’s nothing else than a baguette bread filled with some topippings, I’m not sure how this was supposed to be different from a sandwich. I’m assuming that in a place where the only entertainment is the Widnau Gators, a restauranteur can get away with ideas like this. The “soul” I ordered was a mexican soul, which had some spicy sauce, some chicken, some tomatoes and salad in it. It was okay, nothing spectacular. The place has a decent vibe, but could do with a better food idea than the “soul” one. How about a Widnau Cheessteak ? Nice handwritten bill:



Categories: Dinner
Posted by therealpickygourmet on 17 February 2009

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