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Hotel Central, Meierhof, Obersaxen



Cordon blue mit Pommes Frites

Bündnerpolenta mit Milken

Cordon bleu

Cordon bleu

The Hotel Central in Obersaxen is one of the classier places around Illanz. They started us off with an amouse bouche of salmon mousse. It was okay, but why wasn’t something local served to us? Maybe a bit of ligonga nera on a piece of paun casa. (To show off my impressive humanistic education, that’s rumantsch for black sausage on farmer’s bread). I could be mistaken on the Salmon though, and it is already travelling up the Rhine all the way to Illanz. I continued with some sweetbreads on polenta. Slightly fried in some light batter and served on a creamy polenta, this was a nice mix of traditional food with a newer interpretation. The cordon-bleu I had as my main course was okay. Only downside was that the cook must have been in love, since there was way too much salt on the meat and on the french fries. Okay place, okay food, decent if you’re there anyway.

Categories: Dinner
Posted by therealpickygourmet on 22 February 2009

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