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Bergrestaurant Wali, Skigebiet Obersaxen



Hackbraten mit Teigwaren und Rüebli

Hackbraten mit Teigwaren und Rüebli

Bergrestaurant Wali is located on the slopes of the Vella – Obersaxen Ski Area. After a morning of skiing like the young Bernhard Russi, with my dazzling style and impressive technique, hunger makes an appearance. There are a couple of places to have lunch, but Wali is simply the best choice. There are two dining rooms (self-service and one with waitstaff) and a large terrace on the outside. The idea of balancing a tray of food and drinks while wearing ski shoes fills me with great fear and paralyzing anxiety, therefore I’m always forced to commandeer a table in the restaurant section. It’s crowded and either you arrive early or time your entry perfectly. The food is pretty decent, nothing spectacular but you’ll always get a good quality meal. But the real killer is, the set three course menu sets you back CHF 19.50. That’s extremly cheap for a decent meal in the middle of a ski slope!

Categories: Lunch
Posted by therealpickygourmet on 23 February 2009

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