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Don Carlos Asador, Stüssihofstatt, Zürich



Entrecote mit Süsskartoffeln

Entrecote mit Süsskartoffeln

The old Rebluus, which was run by Felix, has turned from a dark watering hole in a not so dark restaurant, called Don Carlos Asador. It dubs itself as an argentinan grill, since I’ve come off a year long path of wrongdoing and living vegan, this seems to be the place to end my suffering and ill-guided journey through this world. The whole restaurant has a bit of a weird layout, since the bar area is still intact, with a dining room added at the back. Looking at the menu, it becomes obvious that Dieter Meier and his Ojo de Agua meat and wine seem to be omnipresent in Zurich’s dining scene. The onion soup, has a nice level of sweetness and makes for a decent starter. My main course was an entrecote (nicely cut) and a bit stronger in texture (typical for meat from Argentina) than european beef. Really nice is the Chimichurri – argentinian “vinaigrette” served with the meat. The sweet potato is sweet…. but doesn’t go that well with the meat. Prices are okay.

Posted by therealpickygourmet on 25 February 2009
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  1. 02/26/2009

    Prices are okay? What did the entrecote cost?

    • 02/26/2009

      46 CHF


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