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Ah Hua, Helvetiaplatz, Zurich

Fish Cakes (Thot man pla) und fritierte Teigtaschen (Wan Tan)

Fish Cakes (Thot man pla) und fritierte Teigtaschen (Wan Tan)

Pad Sator (pork with beans)

Pad Sator (pork with beans)

Ah Hua actually runs two places, one of them being half convenience store and the half other restaurant. This night we entered the restaurant only place, next to the Volkshaus. Surprisingly on a sunday night, the place is packed and we have some difficulties finding a table for three. We shared some appetizers, Won Tons and Fish cakes. While the Won Tons were average, the Fish cakes were excellent. A nice combination of flavours rounded off this lovely appetizer. My main course was a Pad Sator, which is chopped pork meat with beans and some shrimp. The beans have a unique and interesting texture, they sport a crispiness which you only get with perfectly cooked vegetables. The issue I have with this dish, although interesting and strong in flavor, it also has the distinct Umami taste and dull feeling which is typical for glutamate (flavor enhancer). This is my main criticism of asian cuisine, that the excessive amount of flavor enhancers used, actually distorts the flavors, makes them mushy and uncoordinated, leading to a distraction. But with beer flowing and chatter increasing at the table, who cares? Prices are fair:



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Posted by therealpickygourmet on 9 March 2009

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