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Coco, Bleicherweg, Zürich





Coco is a bit tricky to find, but is located very centrally near the Paradeplatz. One of the things which agitate me is, that if I’m meeting at a restaurant for lunch near Paradeplatz, why would they sit us at a four top, and then add another two diners to our table after our main course. Holding a meeting becomes impossible, since I do not want the two people eavesdropping on whatever I’m saying. But the tiny size of the restaurant doesn’t seem to leave any options. There’s a couple of dishes to choose from as a daily special. I chose a small salad and followed it up with some beef meat strips (Rindsgeschnetzeltes) with Potato gratin. Meat and sauce are nice, the gratin was okay, but the vegetables were a bit strange, especially the pea shoots, which have been cut into strips remind me of an idea gone bad. Decent place for meeting someone near Paradeplatz, check out the wine cellar, seems like a place for a small company function.

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Posted by therealpickygourmet on 16 March 2009
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  1. 03/21/2009

    I like this place but am always of two minds for business lunches and dinners because of the noise level and lack of privacy. Having said that, all of the people I have taken there adore the fact that it is a real meat-eater’s paradise.


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