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Restaurant Schlüssel, Seefeldstrasse, Zürich

Risotto mit Mönchsbart

Risotto mit Mönchsbart

Geschmorte Kalbsbacken mit Croûtons, Speck und Kartoffelstock

Geschmorte Kalbsbacken mit Croûtons, Speck und Kartoffelstock

Sorbet Colonel

Sorbet Colonel

Schluessel on Seefeldstrasse has a very nice website, which made me curious to checkout the place. Crisis, recession, TARP programs and all, we must all make an effort to stabilize private consumption. Since I only got a corner table for a thursday night even though I made the reservation on a tuesday, I can confirm that Zurich locals are doing their part. The menu has a couple of interesting things and a nice selection of changing specials. Quite friendly it reminds of a little lower key version of Stef’s Zentraleck. I had a nice risotto with Moenchsbart, it was okay. The next dish was better. Roasted calf cheeks with bacon and mashed potatoes. Honest, simple dish, yet poaching cheeks takes a lot of time. I’m a big fan of places which server offal products. I personally like more butter in the mashed potatoes, but assumed that this was a concession to some of the diet crazy female clientele. Dessert was a simple sorbet citron with wodka, a real manly thing, since flambeed dessert lose the alcohol and this one doesn’t. Three of us incl. a bottle of wine, aperitif and water:



Posted by therealpickygourmet on 8 April 2009
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  1. 03/14/2012

    just had the most fantastic dinner at restaurant schluessel in zuerich tonight – thanks very much xx liz


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