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Hallwylerhof, Hallwylerplatz, Zurich

Gemischter Salat mit Löwenzahn

Gemischter Salat mit Löwenzahn



The Hallwylerhof is obviously located on the Hallwylerplatz. I’m liking the table cloths, with their white on white they remind me of something you’d find in any swiss household. The amuse bouche are a couple of pieces of light pastry, cheap and efficient not really my type of a good idea. My german colleague enthusiastically goes for the meat and cheese platter and forces me into taking a picture. No matter what, these always taste better after a hike and in the mountains than in downtown Zurich, but I guess this is a real winner with tourists. The mixed salad was okay, the big piece of dandelion was too large to eat, it needed intricate knife work to dissect. I kind of liked the sauce, since it played to my child memories of a classical french salad sauce, but I couldn’t make up my mind if it was homemade or not. The Saibling wasn’t that exciting, the veggies on top were mushy and the presentation reminded me of cooking classes in school. The tin foil screamed Betty Bossy recipe all over. The place is okay to grab a quick bite to eat, they’re fair on the prices. Dinner for two with wine:



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Posted by therealpickygourmet on 12 April 2009
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  1. 04/14/2009

    It’s called Hallwylplatz. Not Hallwlylerplatz. That’s just a detail, i know, but i’m picky, too.


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