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Restaurant Cult, Quellenstrasse, Zurich

Amuse bouche

Amuse bouche

Crevetten Ceviche auf Mango

Crevetten Ceviche auf Mango



Gemüse und hausgemachte Nudeln

Gemüse und hausgemachte Nudeln

Restaurant Cult is one of the strangest place I’ve been in a long time. The owner is a tad hyperactive and I’m pretty sure he’d try to grab your balls in an all male sauna. The decor of the place is ecclectic to say the least. Only two tables were booked, so I’m not sure how well the place is doing. The amuse bouche was a tomato with herbs over some olive oil, nice. The starter however didn’t deliver on the promise. The ceviche over mango was badly executed and didn’t connect on the flavours. It was lacking sublety and tasted like some random components thrown on top of each other. Main course was really nice, a beef filet with homemade pasta. High quality food done right, this was nice. Ordering the digestif menu we just get served two full glasses, the place doesn’t have a selection, the owner tells us. Never had swedish pear brandy before, tasted okay. The young man being the waiter is a bit easily intimitated but he’s doing his best. On the other hand, the aggressive cheerfullness of the owner is just too much, but I’m assuming that some people like this. On a side note, check out the reviews on the tagesanzeiger web site. They’re obviously doctored, since a place like this on Quellenstrasse would never gain this much traction, and the writing styles of each of the comments are very similar. Place is a bit higher in price, but the quality of food is good. The cook seems to know what he’s doing, not sure about the owner though. It is worth mentioning that the garden area looks nice and during summer this could be a neat place for al fresco dining.

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Posted by therealpickygourmet on 26 April 2009
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  1. 04/27/2009

    I’m very glad you reviewed this place! Have you read the comments on as well? I was always wondering how a restaurant like this can get so much attention, I have a feeling that the comments are fake as well. We wanted to go there last summer, as the terrace seemed pretty nice, but the owner (it was about 9 pm) got really excited and told us, that he was fully booked and it would be impossible tonight. Half the restaurant was empty – but we left and I am not tempted to try again.

  2. 05/19/2009

    The Restaurant Cult is an acme of Italien-International cuisine and dining of a level we almost never see.The modern decor combines with the sometimes chilly service for a mood not often foundat an Zurich Restaurant. Though not overly frindly, the service is always proper, informed and helpful.And the entire moods warm up when diners indicate they are there to enjoy and appreciate Italien cuisine in its highest forms and not to impose their expectations on this uncommonlyfine kitchen .

    • 05/19/2009

      Using babelfish to translate doesn’t cut it – this statement proves my point about someone hyping their restaurant in zueritipp and ….

  3. 05/19/2009

    Ja, wir unterstützen (hypen) das Cult in Zürich, weil wir den Inhaber schon lange kennen und er in Frankfurt schon viele sehr erfolgreiche Gastrokonzepte entwickelt und durchgeführt hat, die Grössenordnungen erreicht hatten von denen die Betreiber dieser Seite keine Vorstellung haben können.
    Der Inhaber des Cult , Herr XYZ ist übrigens mit der Küchenchefin seit über 35 Jahren verheiratet und geht mit seinen 63 Jahren sicher nicht in Herrensaunas.
    Seine Tochter ist Bestandteil der Geschäftsleitung eines grossen schweizer Medienkonzerns der sich ebenfalls mit feinem Essen beschäftigt.
    Für uns , die seit Jahren gastrokritisch im Hessenland unterwegs sind
    ist es vollkommen unverständlich dass Gastronomen mit solch guten Küchenleistungen von Testern so persönlich beleidigt und angegriffen werden.So ein unprofisionelles Verhalten ist uns noch nicht begegnet. Mit kollegialen Grüssen Ingrid S.

  4. 02/9/2010

    Well, the Cult is gone, Anthony’s Kitchen moved in:


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