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Bellerive au Lac (Steigenberger), Bellerivestrasse, Zurich

Kurkuma Krevette

Kurkuma Krevette

Poulet, Hagebuttenrisotto, Brokkoli

Poulet, Hagebuttenrisotto, Brokkoli



Some demon within led me to attend a networking event at the Bellerive au Lac. The event was set around the Bellerive presenting their cusisine naturelle paired with organic wines from the Landolt wine company. The definition of their cuisine naturelle says that it tastes good and is healthy, as well as the ingredients are purchased from small, regional producers. Funny to see that the first course was a Kurkuma Shrimp, this probably means that regional includes the local Asia market in Zurich. The dish was good, perfectly cooked and it played nicely of the Avocado mousse, which was a bit too plentiful for the sake of balance. Main course was chicken breast served with broccoli and rosemary hip risotto. What a disaster, chicken was overcooked. Broccoli was limp and cold, this is typically happens when the kitchen plates the vegetables to early and is then left sitting out for too long. The risotto was just strange with the hip rosemary, I don’t think this will become a major success. Dessert was a winner, the mint leaves with olive oil played nicely with the chocolate mousse and the strawberry compot. The three course dinner with 5 glasses of wine for 99 CHF presented good value, the food needs some tuning. I’ve also noticed that dinner isn’t as relaxing with the hyperactive business card distributor sitting next to me, pitching his oral hygiene business idea. I’ll guess I’ll hit myself in the head if electric toothpicks ever become big business.

Posted by therealpickygourmet on 7 May 2009

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