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Green Hills Cafe, Bd Stefan cel Mare, Chisinau (Moldova)

Zama (Chicken Soup)

Zama (Chicken Soup)

Beef Noyal with Brinza

Beef Noyal with Brinza

After a hard night of clubbing in Chisinau behind us we needed some breakfast and even though it’s hard to believe clubbing in Chisinau is great. Club Drive is a must visit, seldomly have I seen a cooler place. The other attractions are left to the readers mind… Anyway we sat down in this streetside cafe and decided that Zema, the classic Moldovan chicken soup with noodles was a good idea. Nice broth, the noodles a bit overdone but this national staple is great to cure a hangover and please you palate. My main was Beef Noyal . Beef Noyal are beef roulades filled with the national cheese called brinza. The accompaning corn is a national side dish which is typically found in every restaurant in the nation. I wasn’t a big of the cheese but this surely is a dish I could recommend to anyone. Prices were roughly 25 CHF for lunch with two drinks and an espresso per person, which is over the top for Chisina.

Categories: Lunch
Posted by therealpickygourmet on 11 May 2009

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