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Hagi Takayama Ryokan, Takayama, Japan







Travelling through Japan, you’re bound to stay at a Ryokan sooner or later. Hagi Takayama Ryokan is a classic Ryokan, which means that it is a traditional Japanese hotel. You sleep on futons on the floor and you dine on a table while sitting crosslegged on the floor as well. Kaiseki is the Emperors cuisine which is typically served in a Ryokan. Essentially it’s a whole slew of small dishes filled with different foods. We had sashimi, sushi, soup, egg, cooked fish, rice, tempura, noodles, mushrooms and some other stuff I couldn’t identify. Overall an average meal, not stunning. Still an interesting experience. Difficult to judge the price of the meal, since it’s included in the price of the room.

Categories: Dinner
Posted by therealpickygourmet on 7 June 2009

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