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Casa do Alentejo, Lisboa, Portugal

Coriander Soup

Coriander Soup

 Pork Thigh with Mustard and Honey

Pork Thigh with Mustard and Honey

Pudim Alentejano

Pudim Alentejano

Casa Do Alentejo does seem like a tourist trap at first, but you’ll be very pleasantly surprised. Located in a stunning building, different rooms are available for dining and a reservation is strongly recommended. Sausage, cheese and bread (the boring portugese type) are available as an appetizer before the first course. A coriander soup is presented to us, slight coriander taste but nothing to reorder. The main dish however was quiet a treat. Pork meat braised with honey and mustard served with potatoes. According to local sources a typical old school Portugese dish. Nice, savoury and a taste of sweetness which accompanied the meat, a surprising tasteful dish. Desert was a type of cake with caramel sauce. A very sweet and soaked dish, surely a great hit with 10 year old boys. Still, a good place for a real dinner in a lovely location – prices are rather cheap – 600 Euro (including aperitif, wine and digestiv) for 21:

Bill for 21

Bill for 21[/captiondi

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Posted by therealpickygourmet on 5 July 2009

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