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Swiss Flight Lisboa – Zurich, Spanish Airspace

Chargrilled mediterranean vegetables

Britain's finest chargrilled mediterranean vegetables

How bad does it get in terms of airline food ? Swiss Airlines have scored a new record. A pack of Mediterranean Chargrilled Vegetables from the well known british purveyor of fine foods Monty’s Bakehouse were distributed evenly among the condemmed passengers. Monty’s Bakehouse prides itself with the following attributes on its food:
• Product integrity
• 12 months frozen life
• Bake in pack
• Standard bake times
• Cool to touch – serve 45 seconds from baking

Taste, aroma and vitamins seem to have been forgotten. Biting into one of these fine products stirs mixed reactions between nausea and disgust. Funny to see that the stewardess was making herself a bowl of pasta and after inquiring if this concotion was for real, she apologetically replied that it wasn’t that bad. It is surprising that after Heston Blumenthal, Marco Pierre White and the irritating Jamie Oliver, the british food industry is still coming up with these horrible products. But even worse, this is a reason to stop flying Swiss if they think customers enjoy getting scammed like this.

Posted by therealpickygourmet on 7 July 2009
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  1. 07/7/2009

    Yip, my thought exactly after my recent flights with Swiss. I would have preferred to get nothing at all. “Hunger treibts rein” is what they say in German, but even so, this was a tough one to swallow. You can just imagine these things flying off the production line, untouched by human hands. Mediterranean? What an insult!

  2. 07/15/2009

    Yes, a meal is always important on a flight. Why can’t everday economy flight meals look like this:

    • 02/20/2012

      Because you want to fly for 100 bucks to the other end of the world. There are more important things on a flight than your food: is your plane checked and services correctly? Are the pilots trained as they should? Are they rested as they should? If you don’t believe me, check some episodes of Air Crash Investigations a.k.a. Mayday and think about crashing because somebody saved from engine service in order to give you a nice meal. It’s probably the nicest (and last) meal in your life.

      • 02/20/2012

        I’m willing to pay for food. Quite frankly serving a crappy, industrial hot pocket or similar isn’t cheaper than serving a decent sandwich.

  3. 11/12/2009

    I was sorry to read that you had a bad experience with Monty’s Bakehouse hot posh pastries on your Swiss Air flight. I was also very surprised as I regularly receive very positive feedback from passengers who are more than satisfied with their hot, posh snack . I note below a recent email that I received from an Air Canada passenger on 28th October 2009:
    “I recently flew back from London to Canada and during the flight passengers was served one of your delicious pastries. They were outstanding and I ask whether they are available for purchase? They were very tasty”.

    Should you wish to try any of our other recipes, including our halal varieties, I would be delighted to be of service.


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