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Moleson, Gruengasse, Zurich



Panierter Cervelat mit Teigwaren

Panierter Cervelat mit Teigwaren

Schnitzel Wiener Art mit Pommes Frites

Schnitzel Wiener Art mit Pommes Frites

Moleson (near the old Eschenmoser, now Fust at Stauffacher) is a rustic restaurant also referred to as Beiz. Entering the Moleson implies that one is looking for quality swiss food and doesn’t mind smoke. Moleson has a small outside dining section which caught our eye. Flicking through the menu an interesting item caught our eyes, a breaded Cervelat (the traditional swiss sausage) with noodles. The feeling when a real gourmet reads something about Chanterelles from Tahiti with a Samoan venison on a menu, hit me. The feeling of tasting something I’ve never had before. With a salad the Panierter Cervelat was dead cheap at 12 CHF. The excitement grew as the dish arrived and suddenly reality hit again. It tasted exactly like one would expect a breaded Cervelat to taste like. The Wiener Schnitzel main attribute was the low price (22 CHF). It wasn’t thin enough and too darkly browned. Fries were okay. Why do you eat here ? Because you need to discuss an important matter with a friend over six pints.

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Posted by therealpickygourmet on 13 July 2009
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  1. 07/15/2009

    Well…you can’t beat the price, but this Cervelat reminds me of…okay, never mind.


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