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Toscano, Puls 5, Zurich

Grüne Spargeln und Artischoken

Artischoken und grüne Spargeln vom Grill auf jungem Spinat

Tagesfisch (Wolfsbarsch) gegaart in einem Artischokensud mit Risotto

Tagesfisch (Wolfsbarsch) gegaart in einem Artischokensud mit Risotto



Meeting up with a real celebrity, we headed to the Toscano at Puls 5 for dinner. Not everyone might be familiar with Heinz, but if you ever need expertise in Java, your favourite diner can vouch for the quality of his training and depth of his experience. Now from the outside Puls 5 looks a bit to modern for good food. Opening a restaurant in the now out of business Zuppamundial (opened by Kurt Aeschbacher) seems like a challenge as well. But you can always be pleasantly surprised, as happened here after opening the menu. Appetizer were some grilled artichokes and asparagus on spinach. A nice late spring dish, slightly bitter yet fresh and vibrant in a surprising combination. Sea bass (Wolfsbarsch) braised with artichoke liquid and risotto was next. Nothing to complain, a better sea bass than at the Da Angela, simply a nice dish. Dessert was something called a Sgroppino. Essentially a mix of lemon sorbet, wodka and prosecco, the whole concotion is a tad more fluid than a sorbet colonel. Toscano offers decent italian cuisine, with some of the dishes being a good bit more surprising. If you ever need to take a South African out for beer, head to the Helsinki Bar, it’s a good choice for live music and beer.




Posted by therealpickygourmet on 13 August 2009
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  1. 08/17/2009

    Try also the Toscano in the Niederdorf, where the ambiance seems to me more inviting, had a delicious meal there few weeks ago. The Toscano @ Puls 5 seems a bit colder to me but still styleful. The main reason should be the food anyway…greetz – dd

  2. 08/17/2009

    Wow, a comment. The Toscano in Niederdorf really does look nice. And right across is the Babalu Bar, which they recently redesigned quite nicely (okay, a bit spacey)! If you’re the picky gourmet, I’ll be the picky drinker. Well, the beer is too expensive at Babalu, but anyway. I don’t drink beer.

  3. 09/17/2009

    your blog was a great find for me…with kids in tow i don’t have the priviledge to go to the places i would like to go, but your pictures and descriptions are entertaining! curious – why the mention of a south african to the helsinki bar – do they sell windhoek lager and have biltong on sale?

    • 09/17/2009

      Nope, no Bultong but I was accompanied by a South African colleague.

  4. 09/22/2009

    A fine evening indeed! Fortunately there was no South African “beer” at Helsinki, otherwise I might have bolted 😉 The food at the restaurant was much better than I expected judging from the outside. Good choice.


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