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Fugu Nydegg, Gerechtigkeitsgasse, Bern

Frühlingsrolle mit Entenfleisch

Frühlingsrolle mit Entenfleisch

Thunfisch mit Spinat Knoblauch Dip

Thunfisch mit Spinat Knoblauch Dip

Gebackene Rispentomaten mit Honig und Ingwer

Gebackene Rispentomaten mit Honig und Ingwer

Luckily we had a reservation when walking into Fugu on a lovely late summer night. Fugu depcits itself as a Japanese-Thai crossover, but the menu (asides from the sake) makes only a minimal japanese impression. The appetizer, a homemade springroll with crispy duck meat and glass noodles was offending. No taste of duck, the noodles mushy and lacking any sensation – why wasn’t something fresh and vibrant added to the spring roll? The main course didn’t really give me a good vibe either. While the Yellowfish tuna was good, putting radishes on top is dumb. The crunchy and spicy radish completely overpowers the delicate tuna and the level of oil used in the Spinach Garlic Dip was way too much. Strange was the side order of tomatoes with honey and ginger. The sweetness of the ginger which was caramalized with honey overamplified with the slight sweetness of the tomatoes. The ginger would have been interesting on a dessert but not on tomatoes. Looking around the restaurant it seems to be clearly very popular with groups of women. This is always a bad sign when it comes to dining, since women rate calories higher than the quality of the food. Summarising it’s a run of the mill “pan asian” eatery, ideal if you need to invite your secretary for lunch, otherwise stay away. Prices were steep for Bern with 14 CHF for the spring rolls and 39 CHF for the tuna.

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Posted by therealpickygourmet on 21 August 2009
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  1. 08/21/2009

    Up until now, I really enjoyed reading your reviews and have made a mental note with regard to one place or the other. But judging the quality of a restaurant by the popularity with women who “rate calories higher than the quality of food” is simply offending. Keep on writing, one reader less won’t matter… .

    • 08/22/2009

      You are free to feel offended…

  2. 08/22/2009

    Schade. Kann nicht immer nur gute kritik geben…in diesem sinne. All the best weiterhin. Tnr


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