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Ziegel oh Lac / Riva, Wollishofen, Zurich

Rührei mit Speck auf Toast

Rührei mit Speck auf Toast

Kleines Frühstück ohne Käse

Kleines Frühstück ohne Käse

I reserved a table at the Riva for Brunch. We arrived and since the weather was beautiful I approached the wait staff and asked if I could dine outside. The waitresses fearfully looked at the boss, a stereotypical non-swiss, yet german native language speaker. He mumbled something, which upon asking what he said meant “Brunch. Inside.”. My remark that we’ll carry our plates from the buffet inside to the tables outside, led to a weird statement about exceeding his brunch capacity. It might be his buffet but it is my money, so I decided to leave and headed to the Rote Fabrik, to brunch at Ziegel Oh Lac. The key here is to arrive before 11:30, grab a nice table outside (shade, no shade, sun shade) and send someone inside to order at the buffet (remember your table number). Drinks you carry out yourself, food will be brought to your table. The crew is very friendly the vibe of the place is alternative as you’d expect at the Rote Fabrik. Food is good and mostly organic. Negative was the graham bread on the small breakfast plate (instead of two pieces of Zopf) and that I was given Caotina instead of the Ovomaltine which I’d asked for. If I order a Coke I don’t want Pepsi. 12 CHF for the small breakfast plate (incl a drink) and 14 CHF for scrambled eggs with bacon on toast is a very good deal. Certainly the guy from the Riva could learn a thing about how to run a business from the Collective organisation at the Ziegel oh Lac….

Posted by therealpickygourmet on 8 September 2009
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  1. 09/9/2009
    k. siegenthaler

    if i want a cola, i prefere an Afri as it is expected at an alternative place and not a Coca…

  2. 09/25/2009

    Okay, besides the Coke, you actually got a good attitude going on, from Riva to Roti, nice. I love the Ziegel in the summer, sitting outside, gazing on the lake, some nice white wine and the they always have a interesting menu going on. My friend totally digs the Spaghetti Bolognese, they’re supposed to be a legend, I really like the vegetarian stuff…and the ladies room is full of lovely opinions scribbled all over the place…


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