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Linde Oberstrass, Kreis 6, Zurich



Kyburger Bratwürste

Kyburger Bratwürste

Hefeteigfladen mit Gemüse

Hefeteigfladen mit Gemüse

Driving around Kreis 6 I landed at the Linde Oberstass. Obviously a house with a long tradition, which has had a newer part added to its interior. I grabbed a six top in the Chimney room and tried the beer from it’s own brewery. The Linde currently has a spanish seasonal menu. What struck me odd, was that it was a glossy professional menu like the ones you sometimes see for deserts. It led me to suspect that some corporate food supplier was offering a complete package to restaurants willing to run their convenience food products. My first dish was a Gazpacho with garlic croutons. Now I accept and like that Gazpacho is cool, but Ice Crystals ? The Gazpacho was full of medium sized Ice Crystals, which gave it a weird texture and it stung while trying to eat the soup. Did someone forget to follow the instructions printed on the container ? But moving on to better things, I liked the Kyburger pork sausage. Nice meaty taste, a decent mustard to go with it, boring was the texture by being too soft, sausages need some more bite. My main course was a Hefeteigfladen, which is kind of a Flammkuchen or Pizza. Mine was with tomato sauce, Gruyere and finely diced vegetables. The vegetables weren’t blanched which made the whole dish taste too raw for my palate. Plus it was so hot, that I now have a blister on the inside of my mouth. Prices are okay, but I won’t be back to eat here:



Posted by therealpickygourmet on 17 September 2009
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  1. 09/18/2009

    If in Oberstrass you might better try Palmhof (down Universitätsstrasse) or zum alten Löwen (close to Seilbahn Rigiblick). Both offer much better food for your money. Cheers.


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