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Rosengarten, Hottingerplatz, Zurich

Griechischer Göttersalat

Griechischer Göttersalat

Glarner Zigerschlitz

Glarner Zigerschlitz

The Rosengarten has a great garden. Gravel on the floor, nice trees and plenty of space just off Hottinger Platz make this a good retreat. If there is danger of rain, be ready for the big shuffle, when at the first drop suddenly everyone rushes inside. Browsing the menu, a peculiar habit of the creator shows. Every item on the menu has it’s own name, something I’d expect on a cruise ship, but found rather surprising here. A “Greek Salad of the Gods” was the starter, nothing to complain or get excited about. A “Glarner Ziegerschlitz” was the next dish. Ziger (one of the world’s oldest brand produts) is a type of cheese with an intense smell and flavour and here it is served as a filled pasta (Capelleti). The Ziger was completely overpowering, the tomatoes on top of the pasta were barely noticable. If you’re really keen on Ziger, you’ll like this dish, if you’re looking for an interesting balance, this isn’t for you. Still if you’re looking for top garden real estate in Zurich and decent prices, the Rosengarten is worth a visit:



Posted by therealpickygourmet on 4 October 2009
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  1. 10/5/2009

    well, all ziger-afficionados that i know, would rather put the cappeletti and the tomatoes away to empower the zigertaste. i also like it more, when ziger is used in a decent way, but my glarner mates go crazy about everything with loads of ziger in it. i also put an eye on the rosengarten and after your post, i think i’m going to visit it soon…cheers – dd

  2. 11/16/2009

    Have never gone to the Rosengarten, but have frequently browsed the menu. My all time favorite main course name was Mr. Ed. It was, of course, horse meat.


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