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Nordbrücke, Dammstrasse, Zurich

Omelette mit Käse und Schinken

Omelette mit Käse und Schinken

Kleines Zmorge

Kleines Zmorge

Next to the Bahnhof Wipkingen Nordbruecke is a small cafe / bar, which is mainly geared at Wipkinger locals. Sunday noon the place was packed, but a sofa with a coffee table was free. Briefly looking at the menu a couple of different sized breakfasts, omelettes, muesli and scrambled eggs were available. The small breakfast and an omelette with cheese and ham, were selected as the breakfast items of this sunday. After having read two sunday papers and having had a double espresso, the waiting time did seem a bit long for an omelette and the inclination to complain grew. Just before reaching for the third sunday paper, finally the food arrived. It was absolutey worth the wait. The small breakfast was okay, but the omelette was fantastic. Just a little cheese and a little ham on the inside, the batter was filled with basil and other herbs, panfried in a bit of butter. This gave it a great deal of aroma, a nice balance and essentially making this one of the best breakfast omelettes in Zurich. Priced at CHF 12.50, this is a great way to spend a rainy sunday noon.

Categories: Brunch
Posted by therealpickygourmet on 8 November 2009

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