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A year in the life of the hardest dining man in Zurich

The Real Picky Gourmet’s archnemesis, the dining pages of the Tagesanzeiger (second largest newspaper in Switzerland), has just published some facts about their dining section over the past year. In terms of volume the hundred plus restaurant visited by the Tagesanzeiger are matched by your favourite food blog writer. Apart from slightly more than 100 published articles on, another 80 distinct restaurants were visited, not counting all the repeat visits in a non official manner. Cities this year included among others Carouge, Tokyo, Istanbul, Zurich, Bern, Schaffhausen and Chisinau. On an average the Real Picky Gourmet comes to 4.8 restaurant visits per week. If every of these visits were to a new restaurant in the city of Zurich, after roughly 6 years all Zurich’s restaurant would have been reviewed. Now you ask yourself – who really is the hardest dining man in Zurich ?

Other statistic show that the most sought after article this year was the one about the Ethiopian restaurant Abyssinia. This is surprising, since it’s a relatively unknown place on a small side street in Wiedikon. Runnersup were the Eisenhof and the Hermannseck.

Further analysis showed that 3 kgs of not so lean body mass were added to the Real Picky Gourmet. Putting it into a financial perspective, what can be safely said is that the average swiss household spends six percent on dining out, yours truly spends slightly more. To quantify that and pick up on the structural, bodily changes mentioned earlier, the equivalent of a Class A pair of silicone boobs plus a new nose was spent on food.

My new favorite foodblog with the most beautiful pictures ever –

The favourite place blogged about in 2009 was by far the Hotel Terminus.

And just in case you wondered – no one has ever decided to send me to a restaurant of his or her choosing, the coverage must be too good already.

Posted by therealpickygourmet on 30 December 2009

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