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Baranes Grill, Zurlindenstrasse, Zurich

Gemuesesticks und Dip

Humus mit warmen Champignons

Gemischte Spiesschen mit Pommes Frites

Looking for a special place in Wiedikon Baranes Grill as a kosher place fits the bill. Being new to kosher food, this looked like the place to check out this way of cooking. It felt a bit strange walking in here, since the place does have a special vibe. On the table were some vegetable sticks and dips, certainly a nice and fresh touch. Starter was hummus with warm mushrooms. The dish was tasty, the mushrooms adding a nice flavor and raising hopes for the main course. Apparently kosher restaurants serve either meat or milk products, due to the kosher diet regulations. If they were serving pizza (milk) and hamburgers (Meat) , they would have to have separate silverware, china and even kitches to be in line with kosher regulations. So the main course was mixed kebab skewers and homemade fries. We were excited since good grilled meat and tasty french fries are a comfort food and a sure bet. To cut the suspense – it was horrible. The french fries were probably bathed in oil instead of being fried and lacked any crispiness. The even bigger disappointment was the meat – it was bland, dry and reminded of chewing on an eraser. We even found out why – a friend at the bar afterwards told us that jewish kosher slaughter (same goes for halal meat) leads to the anmal being completely bled dry. So this slaughter method removes taste and juicyness from your steak. The good news here is, that the Baranes Grill didn’t screw anything up, the meat is meant to taste this way. The obvious conclusion – if you’re invited to a place serving real kosher or halal meat – come up with an excuse, fast.



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Posted by therealpickygourmet on 4 January 2010
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  1. 01/5/2010

    You always suprise me. After just reading the fantastic “Melnitz” by Charles Lewinsky, I hit the internet to search for jewish restaurants in Zurich. And ta-da, the Pickygourmet just posted it! Züritipp really raved about the fries @baranes and the dry meat got the remark «Da ist dem Koch wohl ein Fehler unterlaufen» from the host. Still, I’d like to give it a try.

  2. 05/11/2011

    Totally stinks to be served dry meat at any restaurant. I assure you, it’s due to the talent of the chef – kosher meat can be very juicy and delicious!

    In the US, for example, Empire Kosher Chicken is frequently ranked tastiest – the koshering process is very similar to brining, which adds more flavor and moisture to the meat.


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