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Weinwirtschaft, Walchestrasse, Zurich

Gemischter Salat



Pommes Frites

Pommes Frites

Weinwirtschaft near Stampfenbachplatz has an interior which needs some time to get adjusted to. LSD loaded interior designer heads over to IKEA and this is what places end up looking like. On the plus side the wine list is unpretentious and not expensive. First course was a salad and that’s were things went south. Look at the picture, it was obviously some ready made stuff slapped together with a bit of fresh vegetables – not good enough. Moving into the main course things were a bit better. The Tartare was so so, lacking any real exciting, what was really weird was the plating technique of this dish. The sprinklings of paprika on the plate gave it the impression as if it were decorated under the stern supervision of Ms Meyer in the cooking class at your local middle school. Prices are okay, but I’d stick to the wine and leave out the food.


Posted by therealpickygourmet on 5 January 2010
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  1. 01/5/2010

    I could have told you this place was bad! They advertise in the “Zürcher Tagblatt”
    Also very enjoyable: The reviews on the page from a guy called René Rais, talking about some tabledance bars as if it were the roaring 20s.

  2. 01/5/2010

    what do you think about a restaurant that needs up to 6 months after a visit to be mentioned on this incomparable blog? this place must be unbelievable if you remember how bad it was after almost half a year, look @ the date on the bill…anyway…thanx for the post, a friend @ work told me this is a place to visit and gave me the Tagblatt-voucher, well he likes to taste wine, but he didn’t say anything about the food quality and didn’t mention the effect of the interior on a LSD trip…peace!


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