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Airbraeu, Munich, Airport

Leberkäse mit Kartoffelsalat

Leberkäse mit Kartoffelsalat

Airports are boring, one bland duty free followed by clothing stores followed by a purveyor of fine travel goods just to start over again. This being Munich there was a locally themed airport restaurant called the Airbräu. Sitting down and ordering a typical dish to bridge some time seemed like the thing to do. I ordered a meat loaf with a potato salad. Now this should be a piece of cake for such a place. It wasn’t. The meat was dry and the potato salad was lacking love. Positive was the big pretzel which was served instead of bread. My favourite friends on the european continent, the Germans, tend to focus on one thing when it comes to eating – price. As with many places in Germany, quality of the food comes in second to cost of the food – this place wasn’t expensive:



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Posted by therealpickygourmet on 12 January 2010
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  1. 01/22/2010

    Or perhaps the quality of the food comes in second to the quality of the beer. Airbräu is the only microbrewery contained in an airport in the world, the beer is served unfiltered and unpasteurised and as a result seems to taste a lot better than the standard long-life stuff. Agree on the food though. Great site by the way, keep it up!


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