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Desperado, Birmensdorferstrasse, Zurich

Mozzarella sticks

Fajitas Fleischiges

If you’re 17 and thinking of fine dining, you’re probably thinking of places like the Desperado. Hopes for some fun, a not so expensive meal and cheap beer seem to be addressed here. Trying to avoid the young and excited crowd in the evening this called for a late lunch. Entering the wait staff is friendly aggressive in what is perceived as a hip and trendy matter. The lunch menu offers a selection of dishes, but if wished for a la carte is also possible. No idea what demons led me to order Mozzarella Sticks but nevertheless they arrived. Chewy, rubbery and tasteless, but what else was I to expect. However the guacamole was excellent – fresh, tasty and homemade. One of the lunch special is a beef fajitas called “Fleischiges” for 22.50 a nice lunch deal. Again the guacamole was nice, the salsa tasty, only the cheese was bland and the rice was mushy (precooked ?). If you’re looking for a decent place to grab some fajitas for lunch – the Desperado certainly is worth checking out:


Categories: Lunch
Posted by therealpickygourmet on 18 January 2010

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