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Ursprung, Reitergasse, Zurich

Gazpacho serviert in einem Eisblock

Frühlingsrolle auf Salat


Rind mit Gemüse

What happens when your expectations are high and the result so so ? You feel disappointed. Before walking into the Ursprung Restaurant research was conducted to be able to judge what to expect. We were excited since a couple of clear and enticing statemens were made, the food is to be seasonal, regional and fresh. The philosophy was right up my alley and we had high hopes. They were tested the first time when we entered and found out that we were the only guests on a friday night. The first dish was a Gazpacho served in an ice bowl. Now if something is cold it doesn’t develop as much flavor or taste in your mouth (ever licked on a frozen steak ? ). My biggest issue in this whole meal was the course consisting of salad and topped with some spring rolls. Every canteen which feeds the masses during lunchtime serves springrolls on salad as the vegetarian option, so when I saw this plate, it just didn’t work for me. My mood started improving with the Raviolo. The last dish being a nice piece of meat with decent vegetables, was doing it’s thing to make me forget the beginning. What can I say of this experience ? Would I go back after this meal ? The answer is no, the menu didn’t start off well enough and for not quite 400 swiss francs (including drinks for two persons) you can get a better meal elsewhere:


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Posted by therealpickygourmet on 31 January 2010

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