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Cafe Boy, Kochstrasse, Zurich

Puschlaver Hirschwurst mit Oliven und Gschwelti

Lauchsüppli mit Heilbutt

Carne cruda mit Blini und Wachtelei

Carne cruda mit Blini und Wachtelei

Siedfleischcarpaccio vom Schottischen Hochlandrind mit Randen-Meerrettichsalat an Kräutervinaigrette

Tagliata vom Limousin Entrecôte mit Rucola, Parmesan und Balsamicojus auf Trüffelrisotto

Cafe Boy finally opened. Stefan Iseli and Jann Hoffmann which were the original restaurateurs in the legendary Zentraleck (followed up equally well by the Stef’s Zentraleck) just opened the place. So during the day it serves as a corporate dining hall (Netcetera) and in the evening it’s open to the public. The two restaurateurs make an interesting pair, one is the wine freak and the other the food crazy cook. Anyway to help the thought process a plate of deer sausage from the Puschlav was helpful. A slightly bitter but flavourful meat, was accompanied with some potatoes and some strong green olives. The olives seem to be the same kind as in the Restaurant Helvetia. The amouse bouche was a leek soup with some halibut, nice soup and a hearty morcel of fish with an almost meaty texture was swimming in it. First appetizer was some carne cruda, served with blinis and a quail egg. While the blinis on their own were a bit salty, they worked perfectly in conjunction with the meat. Moving on to a carpacio of boiled beef on top of beets with horseradish and drizzled with a herb vinaigrette. The only critcism here, maybe a bit too much of the beets, but tastewise and in terms of being a creative dish, again this hit my sweet spot. Main dish was more traditional a tagliata with arugula, truffle risotto and some balsamico jus. While not special, again perfect execution, strong flavours, just nothing to bicker about. While the name makes the Odeon Bar seem a place frequented by families, the food is great. The combinations, the interesting twists and the strength in execution and flavours make this a great place to visit. However the place is a bit loud and it is lacking the intimacy the old Zentraleck used to radiate. For a romantic dinner it might not be the best place but for a great meal with other people Cafe Boy is the place to go. Also if you figure in the decent prices for this type of food, it’s good value. Oh yeah – and by the time you read something in the Zueritipp about Cafe Boy, the Real Picky Gourmet will already have discovered Zurich’s latest gem.


Posted by therealpickygourmet on 3 February 2010
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  1. 02/16/2010

    We had a fantastic evening there last week. Very friendly owner and staff and perfect food, the salmon being especially noteworthy. Prices are very reasonable. To put it with Mr. Schwarzenegger: I’ll be back!


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