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Ristorante Wolfbach, Wolfbachstrasse, Zurich

Amuse Bouche

Kaninchen auf Zuchettispaghetti

Böhnli mit Fleisch

Wandering around you always make the best discoveries. The Ristorante Wolfbach is between the Pfauen (Kunsthaus for our non locals) and the Hottingerplatz, tucked away to the side. In a nutshell I had one of the most surprising courses here at the Wolfbach, but since it’s been a while, I’ve simply forgotten what the main course was. The appetizer were pieces of rabbit wrapped in ham served on Zuchinispaghetti. The flavor and texture of these fine strands of Zuchini was simply extraordinary. Seldom have I’ve been so pleasantly surprised at a component of a dish as this one here. I remember the flavours being strong and the execution of the main dish good, but forgot the details. Anyway – a great place, which I will certainly revisit. Finances:


Posted by therealpickygourmet on 14 February 2010
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  1. 02/22/2010

    just to let you know the restaurant will close end of march…………..


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