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Restaurant Hornegg, Seefeldstrasse, Zürich

Lattichsalat mit Speck

Fohlenentrecote mit Pommes Frites

Sorbet Colonel

There is hope! This might sound like the start of the “Hour of Power”. A religious, euphoric and rather monologual tv show, where you’re never sure if the guy on tv is high or if it’s yourself. Rest assured, this is still therealpickygourmet and not therealenlightendsinner. But with all the current developments in the now rather boring Seefeld, people are yearning for a sign of hope. And there is in the form of the Restaurant Hornegg, at the end of the Seefeldstrasse almost near the Bahnhof Tiefenbrunnen. Finally a real place, which has weathered the storm of the invaders of the anemic corporate drone type. Hornegg is a real mom and pop type local restaurant with decent food and real people. Appetizer was a nice salad with bacon, honest food, honest cooking. One of my favourite dishes here is the foal steak with fries and homemade butter. The sweetness of the horse meat gives the steak a nice touch going nicely with the butter and the fries. But best thing, check out the prices:


Categories: Dinner
Posted by therealpickygourmet on 16 February 2010

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