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Lahore Kebabhouse, East End,London

Lamb chops

Chicken and lamb

Papadom and onion bhajia

Chicken Tikka Masala, Nan, Biriyani, Lamb dish

There are places which you might not wander into without having some solid information, and the Lahore Kebab House is one of those. Located in a rougher part of London in the East End – why is it that larger cities are never nice and clean – this is one of the few places serving real pakistani cuisine. Not having been exposed to cuisine from South Asia to a large extent, obviously London is a good place to catch up. Walking into the second floor of the Lahore Kebab house, it feels a bit like the dining hall of a school or a university, there’s not much flair to the decor and it is a tad grimy. First surprise is when I ordered a beer, that they do not serve alcohol. Second surprise is, that you pop down to the minimarket across the street, buy two bottles of (imperial size) beer to go with your meal and that is totally okay with the restaurant. Food was great and it was much better than the original setting made me believe it will be. Crispy fried onions, crunchy and tasty Papadom, fresh vegetables, tasty chicken and lamb, Biryani rice (similar to fried rice) and high quality nan bread were served in quick succession. If you’re on a business trip on London and your colleagues are up for great food, skip out on the posher south asian cuisine places and head right down here, you will be rewarded. I forgot to take a picture of the bill, but believe me if you’re accustomed to prices in Zurich – this place is a steal.

Posted by therealpickygourmet on 22 February 2010
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  1. 02/22/2010

    2 Kebab takeaway owners were charged with the murder of 14 year old schoolgirl who disappeared in 2003. Police searched their takeaway in Blackpool, but a body was never found. The rumor was that the Girls Body Was Put In Kebabs


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