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Tessin Grotto, Am Waidberg, Zurich


Kalbskopf Terrine

Brasato mit Polenta

Driving past the Restaurant Waid, there’s a restaurant right in the woods, called Tessin Grotto. Obviously this was a run of the mill beiz which is under a new management. The place has a nice vibe and focuses on food from the Ticino. To assist in the food selection process, we tried out the antipasti. A very nice plate, vibrant colors, good mix of ingredients and tasty. The appetizer was average, albeit good in execution, the flavor wasn’t too exciting. It was a calf’s head terrine served with some grissini and tomatoes. Agreeably calf’s head is not something you should order on a first date, unless you need to drive her away. Main course was back on track, a beautiful brasato with a strong sauce and a nice polenta. This really reminds yourself of home cooking and was spot on. True to the story, but maybe detrimental to certain people is the fact that they only sell Merlot red wine from the Ticino. Prices are pleasantly consumer friendly:


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Posted by therealpickygourmet on 1 March 2010

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