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Ojo de Agua Weinkontor, Oetenbachgasse, Zurich


Entrecote double


Tschooga-tschoooogahhh is the sound my friend makes, because he likes to boast with his great muscial knowledge. We went for dinner in Dieter Meier’s Weinkontor near the Rennweg. The place is half restaurant half shop but primarily it’s rather tiny. There isn’t even a real kitchen, just some sort of corner which keeps the beef warm. So tiny kitchen, small restaurant, leads to a small and limited menu, leaving you with essentially three choices of meat. Great place, since all the fussy people have to stay outside. The antipasti were vibrant and tasty, nothing to complain. The entrecote double was juicy, obviously sous vide cooked and it tasted like high class meat. The side order was a some salad, so I believe this makes this restaurant a great Atkins Diet place or depending on your point of view an environment encouraging carbohydrate discrimination. To counterbalance, the chocolate cake helps. The place is nice, cramped but cozy, defintely something if you like meat:


Categories: Dinner
Posted by therealpickygourmet on 16 March 2010

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