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Muehle Allschwil, Allschwil, Basel

Quiche mit Münsterkäse

Quiche mit Münsterkäse

Dinkelrahmsuppe mit Pilzeinlage

Kluser Prägel mit Butternudeln und Gemüse

Basler Leckerlimousse

Being near Basel for the late afternoon, a suitable place for dinner was needed. A couple of places looked interesting but the Muehle Allschwil came out on top. Now if think getting of the bus at Gartenstrasse and quickly walking over to the restaurant, that assumption can be misleading and after wandering 15 minutes around a suburban neighbourhood can cause mild irritation with yourself. The Muehle Allschwil is a nice old mill house, with different rustic but nice rooms. The local rotary club has its convention here and I’m pretty sure that going here for a dinner is normally a celebrative event. First dish was a lovely Quiche made with Munster cheese served on a salad. Interesting was the second course a spelt cream soup with some nice morels added to it. Creative, homemade, not something you get everyday and served in a bowl so you could help yourself to seconds. The main course was something called Kluser Prägel, which essentially is a Zürcher Geschnetzeltes (minced veal with a cream sauce) but with larger pieces of veal and no mushrooms. The butter noodles (homemade, served in a small copper pan to) and vegetables were exactly how you would expect it in such a place, solid, decent taste without any chichi. However the Kluser Prägel wasn’t cooked perfectly, part of the larger veal cubes weren’t cooked enough, which took away from the experience. Filling a bit full, but aiming for a dessert a nice Leckerlimousse came my way. The presentation could have been a bit better (powdered sugar it’s so 1950ties), but otherwise it was great. The combination of a local speciality (Basler Leckerli) and creative cooking technique (turning a rock solid cookie into a mousse) executed flawlessly shows what I like about restaurants who cook with their hearts and mind. Also the outstanding service needs to be mentioned not just friendly, but really knowledgable about all the items and not shy to correct their own mistake (the apprentice gave a wrong explanation for what a Kluser Prägel is). This is the way a Landgasthof should work and what makes it worth to travel the extra distance. Obviously, quality comes at a price:


By the way – instead of taking the tram back to Basel SBB, take a walk and enjoy one of these:

Montecristo No 2

Posted by therealpickygourmet on 29 March 2010
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  1. 03/29/2010

    Ich glaube, beim Kluser Prägel handelt es sich eher um eine Art Rahmggulasch und nicht um eine Variation von Züri-Gescnhetzeltem…

  2. 03/29/2010

    Guter Punkt – nur wo fängt das Gulasch an und wo hört das Geschnetzelte auf ? In Punkte Grösse der Fleischmocken ist es ehere ein Gulasch, aber die Feinheit und Eleganz des Gerichtes ist näher beim Geschnetzelte.


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