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Restaurant Alpenblick, Toggwil, Meilen, Zurich

Gemischter Salat



The Alpenblick in Toggwil (a small part of the town of Meilen located up the hill) is a restaurant which has been known for rustic food and is a favourite with the locals for dining al fresco. Starter was a run of the mill small mixed salad, just to get something into the stomach, before the piece de resistance arrived. Family style Zürcher Geschnetzeltes with Röschti really is the staple dish here. Clogged arteries ? High blood pressure ? Fat belly ? Skyrocketing cholesterol ? Forget about it and just enjoy. Röschti is a difficult dish to make, like your average female longterm companion it tends to be fickle and has a strong will of its own. The chef at the Alpenblick has it down and knows how to caress the potatoes so that they end up crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, with the right balance of salt and butter. The best part is however, the Zürcher Geschnetzeltes (minced veal with cream and mushrooms) which is served in a big bowl so everyone at the table can help himself (note the the grandmotherly design of the dish). It hits the right notes of creaminess and saltiness, the mushrooms and the veal are delicate and make this a great meal to share with family and friends. You might not get Michelin stars at this place, but like many good restaurants, it does something perfectly. If you don’t mind the guy playing Jass at the table next to you and making raunchy jokes in swiss german, then this is the place for you. Especially if you get a nice table for lunch outdoors during summer.

Posted by therealpickygourmet on 29 March 2010
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  1. 03/29/2010

    I grew up in Männedorf and lived there for 20 years. This restaurant was always and still is my parent’s favorite restaurant on the “golden” lakeshore of the “Zürichsee” for this kind of food.

    The restaurant is also my favorite location for the special season in autumn called “Metzgete”.

  2. 03/30/2010

    OMFG. Death by Zürcher Gschnätzlets. For how many people is that bowl, 25? I mean, that’s really impressive! Finances?

  3. 05/6/2010

    Next time you have to try the “cutlet”

  4. 11/27/2010

    Guten Tag
    habt ihr am 24.12.2010 am Abend offen?
    Freundliche Grüsse
    Alex Huber

    • 11/27/2010

      Bitte direkt beim Alpenblick nachfragen 044 923 04 02

  5. 01/13/2011

    Yes this is the place for Zürcher Gschnätzlets! We started to visit the restaurant almost 30 years ago when we lived in Zurich. We returned 2 years ago and it is the same!!! The same friendly atmosphere! The same good food! Try also meringue ice- cream with of course whipped cream! Very good and for sure no more calori in-take is needed the following weeks!!
    A fantastic place for entire family with kids. Whenever we are in Zurich we go there
    Kind regards

  6. 11/30/2011

    I love your critics and passion for food, but have you tried the Züri geschnezeltes at the Obere Flühgasse? I went to alpenblick after reading your post, but I think the former is way better(for me the best I’ve eaten so far! Albeit the most ridiculously expensive too!)

    Warm regards,
    Velda – from “IMHO food capital” Singapore 🙂

    • 12/7/2011

      I wanted to go there – and they had a private function so no luck. But in terms of Roeschti I’m very curious to see if the Flühgasse beats Alpenblick. The Geschnetzeltes at Alpenblick is pork so there it isn’t that difficult to be better.

      • 12/13/2011

        For me Rösti is def better at Flühgasse, albeit it comes at extra cost!
        Didn’t compare the meat but the sauce at Flühgasse is unbeatable!
        I had veal with mushrooms and morel cream sauce. Plus the
        fact that when u enter, u r greated by a kitchen of old grannies n granddads with half-gone teeth! 🙂

      • 12/19/2011

        Thanks – I need to try it out sometimes

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