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Taverne Da Angelo, Badernerstrasse, Zurich

Bruschetta Marzano

Cavatelli Salsicca


Who isn’t always looking for a nice italian place, which serves great food at affordable prices ? Taverne Da Angelo could be well poised to snatch up the title of neighborhood favourite if you live close to the Lochergut. From the the outside and sitting right next to the Playboy Bar, it might not seem like a proper place for food. But then again, do I look like a proper food critic? Starting off with some Bruschetta with flavorful Marzano tomatoes and some red onions making this rustic dish carries a nice sweet note. I always get excited when a new type of pasta I’ve never had before appears on the menu. So the Cavatelli with its meaty sauce, tasting strongly of Umami were right up my alley. Not quite good enough to lure me away from my favourite Trofie. But certainly good enough to make me wonder why other italian restaurants often only feature spaghetti, penne and linguine….. Feeling like I had some more room, a Tiramisu made it to our table, nice but not spectacular. Unlike Da Angela, this place underpromises and overdelivers, certainly a better alternative. Price for a dinner for two including a bottle of wine:


Posted by therealpickygourmet on 5 April 2010

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