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Giangrossi, Stauffacher, Zurich

Tris di Triangoli

Seezunge mit Risotto


Giangrossi is located at the Rebgasse, just opposite of the commendable Restaurant Real. Giangrossi sports the atmosphere of a posher italian restaurant. Seating is a little on the tight end and the crowd is of the classic more mature and wealthier kind. The meal got off to a very good start. The house speciality is a Trio of Triangoli. Light and fluffy, almost melting in your mouth with three different flavors, the appetizer got my hopes up. Looking forward to a sole with some saffron risotto. But I wasn’t happy with what I got. The sole was much too salty and the risotto just had too much bite left in it for my taste. The salty sole was probably a mistake, but the risotto seems to be made this way on purpose and it’s just not something for me. Tiramisu was last, nice but nothing to write home about. The place was too sloppy in execution, for this price range, one should be able to expect more consistency:


Posted by therealpickygourmet on 13 April 2010

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