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Zic Zac, Letzigrund, Zurich

Big Zic Burger

Quick Lunch near the Letzigrund at the Zic Zac. American food ranging from mozzarella sticks to burgers is on the menu. But looking at the specials, the daily one was Riz Casimir and the weekly one Wienerschnitzel, this sends a bit of a conflicting message. Looking over the burger menu I opted for a Big Zic, which sounded like it was the signature burger on the menu. To make it short, for a place priding itself on hamburgers, the Big Zic didn’t rock my boat. The meat was oversalted, dry and most likely not pure beef. No matter what toppings you add, the core component of a burger is the beef patty and if that isn’t up to par, no amount of topping will rescue it. Even if the opposite were true, the special sauce in this burger is just not interesting enough. Another odd thing is that the middle bun was actually a top bun upside down. The cole slaw (even though nicely seasoned) was on the watery side, probably someone in the kitchen, didn’t wait long enough. Still I’m not worried about the place, since everyone featured in the Hoogan or Gamma databases will spend their time here during the football games. Prices:


Posted by therealpickygourmet on 22 April 2010

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