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Schweizer Weinstube, Hohlstrasse, Zurich

Gemischter Salat

Gemischter Salat

Aelplerröschti mit Spiegelei, Wurst und Speck

Unfortunately the real Beiz is dying out and being replaced with idiotic gastro concepts run by corporations. Or have you ever eaten something decent at a train station, mall or airport ? The Schweizer Weinstube is one of the last bastions of real swiss restaurant culture. The interior is rough and so are most of the patrons. We start off with a mixed salad, which is obviously homemade and interestingly enough also has a bit of noodle salad on the side. Quite a surprising addition and actually tasty addition for a beiz. The Roeschti I ordered with bacon, sausage and cheese was on the heavy side and a bit greasy. The waitress said that everything was homemade, but some aftertaste of the potatos reminded us of convenience roestis. We’ll give them the benefit of the doubt since the price levels are extremly fair – three large beers, a salad and the roeschti was less than 40 CHF.

Posted by therealpickygourmet on 11 May 2010
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  1. 05/11/2010

    The waitress said that everything was homemade, but some aftertaste of the potatos reminded us of convenience roestis.

    Define «everything» … 😉

    • 05/11/2010

      The roesti was alledgedly homemade with bought in cheese, potatoes, bacon and butter 🙂

  2. 05/12/2010

    Ha! You always visit the places I pass by and think, I have to try them. This place is over the street from the Bonneville bar so if you sit outside in summer, you hear them playing Handörgeli and Fritz and Heinz ordering another beer. Sometimes they put up a grill outside and grill cervelats and bratwurst. Nostalgic times right next to Langstrasse!

  3. 07/1/2010

    Gruesse von der Westfront.Bitte schick mir per Mail Telefonnummer von Eddi.Gruss an alle Willi

  4. 11/8/2011

    Once upon a time, Bahnhofsrestaurants were a safe bet for an excellent meal.


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