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Tai Yang, Triemli, Zurich

Wan Tan

Dim Sum

Dim Sum

Ente a l'orange

Not exactly the best location, but at least the Tai Yang is easily accessible by public transport. The interior looks a bit like a canteen which has china week, but I’m not the one to be swayed by tasteful decorations. Being hungry, I started out with two appetizers. The first one was a classic Wan Tan and I was in for my first surprise. Instead of serving me a run of the mill frozen, prefabricated, bought from a central redistributor, type of dish, surprisingly the ravioli was home made. The plate of Dim Sum which followed were home made as well, they were mostly succulent and well balanced in flavour, save for the fish ball which wasn’t scoring any points with me. My main course was a duck with orange sauce and some fried rice. The duck was okay and the fried rice was boring, so this was more along the lines of the expected. Overall I find the menu a bit weird, they’re not going to make a name for themselves sustaining on homemade appetizers, when the rest of the food is your standard chinese matrix fare (different proteins multiplied by different sauce options). Why not stick with the appetizers and build a more exciting menu on top of that ?

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Posted by therealpickygourmet on 15 May 2010

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