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Zunfthaus Pfistern, Kornmarkt, Luzern

Gemischter Salat


A day off and a mission to find a real Luzerner Chögeli- or Fritschipastete. Luzern is very much aimed at the tourists, so finding a place is a bit of a challenge. Upon a tip from a local we headed to the Zunfthaus Pfistern. A bit of an ecclectic interior, but at least there was a Stammtisch and a lot of swiss german being spoken. The seating is a bit crowded, especially if you’re also looking for a bottle of wine for lunch. Appetizer was a mixed salad – which was too expensive for the quality, since half of it were premixed bean and corn salads. A bit strange is also the fact, that you have to get your own bread at the “bread bar” in the middle of the room. Now if the bread were worldclass I wouldn’t mind, but it wasn’t worth getting up from the table. The piece de resistance was the Fritschi Pastete. It was filled with veal, pork, veal meatballs, apples and some raisins in a cream sauce. The Pastetli (compare it to some kind of bread bowl made out of a fluffy pastry dough) had a nice taste and was obviously baked by someone skilled. A very taste and interesting dish with a lot of local heritage. The only thing which really didn’t match was the selection of the accompanying vegetables, why you would serve peppers which such a delicate dish is beyond me. Prices:


Posted by therealpickygourmet on 16 May 2010

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