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Viet Thai, Kanonengasse, Zurich

Fishcakes und Satayspiesse

Hue Tie Nam Vang

After Nadal beat Söderling and screwed up Roger Feder’s record of being the longest reigning Nr. 1 in men’s tennis, we needed some cheering up. Driving down Kanonengasse, a place opened up called
Viet Thai. Interesting thing is that since Vietnam and Thailand do not share a common border, this equates to opening a restaurant named Finn(ish) Austria in Bangkok. The place was empty (unlike the popular Ah Hua, which is just down the street. We started off with a plate of fish cakes and some chicken satay. The fishcakes were boring and chewy but the satay was good. The chicken was too dry but the sauce was really special and homemade. It wasn’t what you get at other places it was heartier, tasted clearly of fresh herbs and had a stronger umami flavor than others. Main dish was a vietnamese soup dish called Hue Tie Nam Vang. A strong, savoury, very flavourful broth is the base of this soup, which is accompanied by slices of pork, minced beef, shrimp and rice noodles. A separate dish with basil, sprouts, lime, scallions and crunchy garlic in oil (no bad breath afterwards) are served. A very nice dish obviously prepared with great craftsmanship. Funny thing was that the Ice Tea (Oishi) according to the label consisted of 30% tea and 12% sugar… wondering what the remaining half was. The Viet Thai certainly hits the mark and is well worth a visit. If you’re put off by the people queueing at Ah Hua, just continue on and give the Viet Thai a shot, even in terms of prices, you’ll do ok:


Posted by therealpickygourmet on 6 June 2010
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  1. 06/15/2010

    I was there on the opening of this little restaurant Mai-Wok. It was raining but the food was good. I have enjoyed a lot.

    I was in Thailand last December and looking forward to eat Thai food, unfortunately, I can’t eat Thai foods in Thailand. I always request not spicy, no chili. They said yes, we will do for you so I have ordered curry expect that it’s not spicy. Oh no! I have taken a big bite and it’s too spicy. I’ve complained. The waitress said, there’s no chili, perhaps the ginger but I can’t eat at all! I have to switch my meal with my husband and ate his order food. He has something with cashew that time. It was good. During our whole stay in Thailand, every restaurant we go, I always try Thai food. I’m not successful. Same same. All spicy. I end up to ate European food.

    But at Mai-Wok, I was surprised! I’ve taste the red curry and other Thai food which are too spicy for me when I was in Thailand, not at Mai-Wok restaurant. It taste so good, all the food I have tried from Mai Wok were excellent. I bought a red curry for my next day lunch and have enjoyed the excellent taste. The taste is adjusted for European. Mild. Try Mai-Wok at Birmensdorfstrasse 93, near Bahnhof Wiedikon, Zürich. Just few station from Paradeplatz towards Wiedikon. You will experience the Hmmmm……


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