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Schäfli, Oberdorfstrasse, Wigoltingen

Crepe mit Lachs auf Tomaten

Rindfleisch auf Schnittlauchjoghurt

Dorsch und Gambas mit Ingwerkarottensud und Rosmarinkartoffelstock



If you’re ever interested in buying a cheap house, Wigoltingen seems to be good place. It doesn’t seem that the corporate real estate developers have discovered this part of Thurgau. Another nice perk is the Michelin starred Schäfli Wigoltingen which is run by Marlis und Wolfgang Kuchler. Arriving for a nice little lunch, we were seated outside between a small fountain and the old barn house. The first dish looked like it was lifted from the cover of the Betty Bossi magazine, it was a crepe roll with some fantastic tomatoes underneath, looks can be deceiving. The first course was a carpaccio, served on some joghurt with chives. A fantastic contrast was made by slightly roasted pine nuts which were drizzled on top. The slight bitterness and crunchiness of the nuts with the smooth and cool beef shows how there’s someone working here who knows his business. Main course was cod with king prawns with ginger sauce served in rosemary potato mash. Simple flavors, nicely executed. What really stood out were the perfectly cooked shrimp, I really enjoy if it has that slight tension to the cooked meat, while still radiating freshness. I wasn’t too thrilled about the cheese selection, one of them was a brie filled with truffle mascarpone, just plain tacky. The chocolate mousse had a silky complexion and a not too sweet chocolate taste, it almost matched my mother’s. The Schäfli is definetly worth a visit if you’re in the area, just make sure you’ve brought the XL wallet:


Posted by therealpickygourmet on 11 July 2010

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